Tina Di Carlo introduces her dissertation on the 1988 Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition
23 October 2012

ICAM 16, Germany

ASAP to be presented at the International Confederation of Museums
5 September 2012
M:AI, North‐Rhine‐Westphalia and DAM, Frankfurt

OK Talks:Helsinki

Tina Di Carlo to close Helsinki's World Design Capital 2012
15 August 2012, 1700

Measures 5 : Exhibition / Exhibitionism

Measures will talk through curating architecture and curating within architecture through 8 different lexical frames.
8 x Tuesday evenings starting 14th June, 1900-2100
no.w.here, 314-316 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 OAG

Vanessa Branson

DLD Women with Vanessa Branson
29 June 2011
DLD Munich

Eyal Weizman on Dying to Speak: Forensic Spatiality

Eyal Weizman speaks about forensic architecture and his new book Dying to Speak
Fall 2010
London for Log 20: Curating Architecture

Markus Miessen : Discussion as Signature

Discussion as Signature
Spring 2010
Berlin for KLAT 03

Gonzalo Escarpa: PERFOPOESIA

Gonzalo Escarpa performs PERFOPOESIA during Urban Intimacies
Magnus Muller Gallery, Weydingerstrassse, 10/12, Berlin

Sissel Tolaas

Scents of Fear
Mono.kultur #23 spring 2010

Mie Olise: The Exquisite Capabilities of the Flying Carpet

Desolation comes from the middle of society and not from its edges. --Botho Strauss
Skive Museum of Art, Denmark, Exhibition Inaugural Talk on 25 September, 2009

Winy Maas: Forbidding the Re

What is that gap between M VR and DV?
The Building, Berlin, 21 May 2009, for Mono.Kultur #18 MVRDV: On Statics and Statistics, interview by Carson Chan

Shumon Basar: Curating against Organisation

Curating Architecture
Fall 2008
Architectural Association, London

Pecha Kucha, Madrid

A Curatorial Manifesto
Pecha Kucha, Madrid, Gallery Off-Limits, 20:20 pm

KW, Berlin: Jurored Competition for Temporary Entrance

On Air
Kunstwerke, Berlin