CONTINUE in Speaking

ICAM 16, Germany

5 September 2012
SPOKEN at M:AI, North‐Rhine‐Westphalia and DAM, Frankfurt

THE Talk in Brief

The International Confederation of Architectural Museums is a group of curators, archivists, architectural historians, and the respective museums and collections all over the world. Every two years, the members of ICAM meet for an international conference to discuss new developments in the

fields of architectural museums and archives, to exchange information, and to develop best practices. ICAM 16 will take place this year in Germany, at the beginning of September. The hosts of ICAM 16 are the M:AI Museum for Architecture and Engineering in NorthRhineWestphalia and the DAM German Architecture Museum at Frankfurt.

Tina Di Carlo will present ASAP’s as a critical project during the session that deals with new strategies for architectural archives: whether by physical necessity, pressure from outside forces, strategic refocusing, or a digital mandate, archival collections and their stewards must adapt to new demands of patrons, political entities, and the market. The chair for this session will be hold by Dr. Irena Murray from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The ASAP is a topic of much interest to ICAM, given that our responsibilities as accessproviders to architectural representation and information are currently in a state of rapid change. The idea of the ASAP is unique amongst the architectural archives. The conference offers the opportunity to present the ASAP to an international audience of specialists.


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