In Collaboration

Published in 34 Magazine, issue 2, June 2004 | 2003
PUBLISHING info: “In collaboration,” 34, issue 2, June 2004



From the minute it was published In Collaboration was intended to be dated. The brief's parameters of contemporaneity in the form of a paper exhibition of five practitioners were exacerbated to the point of exhaustion. Collaborative projects were invoked to map the relation between works that took on more prominence than the works themselves, leading to an exhibition of over eighty projects. Such an empirical and relational technique distilled current trends, fetishes and methods that cut across disciplines. Systems bore testimony to currency. Text and image were conceived as interrelated, inseparable.


This ‘exhibition’ is devoted to five groundbreaking collaborations and their end products. The first is the stage production The Island of Misfit Toys, choreographed by Stephen Petronio, scored by rock musician Lou Reed, staged by artist Cindy Sherman, costumed by Tara Supkoff (of the Imitation of Christ clothing-line fame) and lit by Ken Tabachnik. The second is the Louis Vuitton handbag designed by Marc Jacobs and artist Takashi Murakami. The third is The Predator, an installation by architect Greg Lynn and artist Fabian Marcaccio. The fourth is Beijing’s Central Chinese Television (CCTV) Tower by architects Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren in collaboration with structural engineer Cecil Balmond. The fifth and final piece is Silent Light by designer Tord Boontje and fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

In each of the spreads that follow we have devoted the largest amount of visual space to the above-mentioned collaborations. Pasted on top of these images and clearly visible in the foreground are representations of the collaborators’ previous or subsequent works, which appear alongside related works by artists featured in one or more of the other four spreads. Tracing these increasingly elaborate interconnections, we found that they wove an intricate web, patterns that are perhaps more telling than the collaborations themselves.

[Excerpted from 34 Magazine]

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