LOG 20: Curating Architecture

September 2010
PUBLISHING info: Anyone Corporation

Fall 2010 issue of Log devoted to Curating Architecture

Log 20, the tri-annual journal published by the Anyone Corporation, takes a special look at the expanding ideas of curating architecture at a moment when its traditions and trajectories can no longer go unexamined. The proliferation of museum architecture departments and architecture biennials since the 1980s and the broadened use of the term curating to encompass artistic, architectural, and academic practices have today influenced the very idea of cultural production: Everyone is a curator and everything is curated. What does this mean for the architecture curator and for architecture?

Published concurrently with the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale, Log 20 assembles twenty-four of the leading and emerging curatorial voices to reconsider the definition of architectural work, to reexamine the problems of representation and display, and to project new directions for curating within architecture itself.

Edited by Cynthia Davidson with consulting editor and curator Tina Di Carlo, the issue includes articles by Barry Bergdoll, Sylvia Lavin, Henry Urbach, Mirko Zardini, Andrea Philips and Eyal Weizman among others, and about curatorial practices at OMA in Rotterdam and SANAA in Tokyo. Log 20 also considers the politics of the Serpentine pavilions, the idea of the exhibition as atmosphere, the influences of the Venice Architecture Biennale, and novel “displays” from Hong Kong to Moscow. In sum, the 168-page issue is arguably the first compendium of contemporary practices on curating architecture to propose future directions in this emerging discourse.

Barry Bergdoll, In the Wake of Rising Currents: The Activist Exhibition
Eve Blau, Curating Architecture with Architecture
Jean-Louis Cohen, Mirror of Dreams
Cynthia Davidson, Drawn In
Marco De Michelis, Architecture Meets in Venice
Tina Di Carlo, Exhibitionism
Manfredo di Robilant, Pippo Ciorra Takes A Job at MAXXI
Ole W. Fischer, In the Shadow of Monumentality
Kurt W. Forster, Show Me: Arguments for an Architecture of Display
Jeffrey Kipnis, Dear Paula
Sylvia Lavin, Showing Work
Paula Lee, Still Life, After Death
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Biennial Manifesto
Kayoko Ota, Curating as Architectural Practice
Andrea Phillips, Pavilion Politics
Alex Schweder, Exhibit Architecture
Felicity D. Scott, Operating Platforms
Robert A.M. Stern, From the Past: Strada Novissima
Léa-Catherine Szacka, A Conversation with Vittorio Gregotti
Henry Urbach, Exhibition as Atmosphere
Philip Ursprung, The Indispensable Catalogue
Eyal Weizman & Tina Di Carlo, Dying to Speak: Forensic Spatiality
Mirko Zardini, Exhibiting and Collecting Ideas: A Montreal Perspective

PLUS: New Canaan … Moscow … Hong Kong


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