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Andre Balazs: Two Conversations on M40

PROJECT Notes: Talks held at the Mercer Hotel, New York

THE Brief

Jean Nouvel’s buildings are integrally related to their neighbourhood while working within a high modernist language of glass and steel. Their seductive allure must be understood through place, rather than image, through an association of internal relations to context, for its transformative and material properties, which often elude the photograph. These two conversations conducted with renowned hotelier Andre Balazs were designed to train brokers in the language of Jean Nouvel, to instilling the value of his work within the history of modernism and contemporary design to prospective clients.

Andre Balazs has created some of the most successful and influential hotels in the world today, including Hollywood’s legendary Chateau Marmont; Sunset Beach, a playful seaside resort on Shelter Island; and The Raleigh, a classic Art Deco oceanfront property on South Beach, Miami. The Mercer made contemporary loft living available to travellers and became the citadel of urban chic and the ultimate Soho hotel. In 40 Mercer Residences Balazs has distilled the essence of the neighbourhood and crafted the ultimate Soho residence instilled with light and air, the modern glamour of the industrial loft.

Both talks were hosted by the Sunshine Corcoran Group, arranged in tandem with Richard Pandiscio.


Perspective showing blue facade and dimensions as they related to the traditional SOHO loft. Perspective showing red facade and colouring as it relates to historic context.