CONTINUE in Speaking

Measures 5 : Exhibition / Exhibitionism

8 x Tuesday evenings starting 14th June, 1900-2100
SPOKEN at, 314-316 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 OAG

THE Talk in Brief

Playing on the fetish of exhibition making over the last 25 year this series will speak about curating architecture and curating within architecture through 8 different lexical frames.

The series invokes the term exhibitionism as a spatial site of departure, a methodological angle and a point of view from which a whole series of events can be seen differently, a kind of site from which a critical gaze [of multiculturalism] becomes possible. Playing on the fetish of exhibition making over the last 25 years each session in this series will proceed through a different terminological frame from object to thing, apparatus-exhibitionism, represent-present, document-evidence, act-agency, collect-collectivity, archive-testimony, ending in the eighth session with profane-play. The idea here is textual, tied to language, written, spoken and uttered that once circulated and absorbed into discourse, can itself begin to shift the way in which curating architecture is practised and ultimately understood.

In this way this lexical work is set up as a mirroring device to distill a series of turns implicit in the way in which we speak about curating architecture and curating within architecture. This is a political project and the question of where the agency lies within Exhibitionism will form the base line of this measures framed by readings by Giorgio Agamben, Ariella Azoullay, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, Jacques Ranciere, Alan Badiou, Walter Benjamin and paradigms by Tomas Saraceno, Eyal Weizman, Hito Steyerl, Jeremy Deller, Mirza Butler, Patricia Reed, Cyprien Gallard and Wolfgang Tilmans. The form and orchestration of each session will be considered as content and thus vary. The image will be considered as a spatial construct through a scripting of utterance and text.


Work: Speaking