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OK Talks:Helsinki

15 August 2012, 1700
SPOKEN at Helsinki

THE Talk in Brief

Tina Di Carlo presents ASAP to close Helsinki’s World Design Capital 2012. The talk related to the future direction of museums. OK Do, a Helsinki-based creative practice on the borders of art and design and directed by Jenna Sutela and Anni Puolakka, invited Tina to join the session, ¬†alongside Julia Kauste, Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Suvi Saloniemi from Design Museum Helsinki.

The event brought together practitioners and academics working in Helsinki and abroad to explore topical issues related to art, design and urbanism. Through a series of events and panel discussions the aim was to establish a dialogue that both challenges and opens up the city and its institutions. The discussions took place at a temporary pavilion between the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Museum Helsinki.


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