CONTINUE in Speaking

Shumon Basar: Curating against Organisation

Fall 2008
SPOKEN at Architectural Association, London

THE Talk in Brief

Glenn Lowry turned MoMA on its head, positioning the curator at the service of the institution rather than leading the institution through a curatorial vision. The latter was the precedent set by Alfred Barr and Philip Johnson as early as 1929. The former is the model that was set in motion with Lowry’s appointment in 1994 and has been codified today. The Museum has become a corporation in which collecting and exhibitions serve as brand recognition to create market value.

Such an argument was traced through a media-logical and ideological history of MoMA, situated alongside the history of collecting and exhibitions and the practise of the curator. The current state of architectural exhibitions was considered within the history of the architecture and design department, and according to the vicissitudes of the current architectural discourse as it has been influenced by digital technology.


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