Tall Buildings

Museum of Modern Art, New York | 2004
PUBLISHING info: Museum of Modern Art, New York



Often deemed more successful than the exhibition, the web-site designed by Anh Tuan Pham of For Office Use Only, was programmed by Chris Lasch and Ben Aranda and was one of the first to use the algorithmic patterning of information to distill knowledge. It has since become a model of MoMA.

This exhibition was organised by Terence Riley, Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, Guy Nordenson, and Tina DiCarlo, Assistant Curator.


Inspired by the events of September 11, 2001 Tall Buildings presented twenty-five tall buildings designed between 1994 and 2004 for site around the world by an international group of architects and engineers. In making the selection, three fundamental aspects of the tall buildings were considered: technology, urbanism, and program. Collectively, these projects address the most current concerns confronting building tall, from issues of safety, structural soundness, and sustainability to programmatic and formal inventions that re-think the notion of the street and the top-down structure of traditional hierarchies.

If the familiar appeal of skyscrapers has waned in urban places where they are ubiquitous, such as New York and Chicago, the same cannot be said of cities around the world that are experiencing bursts of high-rise construction, such as Frankfurt and Beijing. The sudden appearance of tall buildings on the skyline, morphing the identity of the urban landscape, expands the dimensions of a city, often making it a presence far beyond its traditional boundaries. Linked buildings, Mobius-like construction, and other previously unseen forms not only act as defining markers but also create vast spaces and channel vision over great dimensions.

Work: Curating