CONTINUE in Speaking

Vanessa Branson

29 June 2011
SPOKEN at DLD Munich

THE Talk in Brief

Vanessa Branson will discuss her career in art and her pioneering efforts in Marakech culminating in the foreword thinking Marakech Biennale.

DLDwomen will shed light on the “Female Decade” and its high-tech, high-touch approach. The conference identifies new opportunities, female markets, new lifestyles, and future developments in the role of women influenced by today’s digital age and social transformation. This year’s other topics will include cultural change, art & design, consumer behavior, (online) fashion, gender medicine, education, social entrepreneurship, future developments in tech and female markets. We are expecting 50 international high profile speakers and 400 opinion-forming, “by invitation only” participants – women and men – as well as more than 100 journalists from German and international media.

DLDwomen is an event of Hubert Burda Media (one of the key drivers in the European media world) and builds on the creative network and competence of the DLD conference, which brings together international leaders, disruptors, scientists, designers and artist. DLD also hosts global events in dynamic cities such as Palo Alto, Beijing, London, Tel Aviv, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and this year for the first time in Moscow!


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